Ransomware Remediation Tools

Top 5 free tools to help defend Ransomware attack

Detect a Ransomware attack

Anti-Ransomware File System Resource Manager (FSRM)

Decrypt Ransomware

The NoMoreRansom Project

Classify Ransomware

ID Ransomware

Clean up encrypted files and ransom notes


Monitor Ransomware activity post-compromise


  • Examine Windows event logs for artifacts associated with this activity.
  • Examine Windows Registry for evidence of intrusion.
  • Query Windows network artifacts
  • Apply YARA rules to detect malware, backdoors, or implants.
  1. How to Recover Data Deleted or Encrypted by Ransomware [Comprehensive Guide]
  2. Ransom Note Cleaner
  3. Kaspersky Malware Recovery Tools
  4. Ransomware explained: How it works and how to remove it



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