AI at DTonomy and OpenAI’s GPT-3

What is GPT-3

Uses cases for GPT-3 and its limitations

To further elaborate about GPT-3’s capabilities, given the following command to a plugin for Figma (widely used for software design), “An app that has a navigation bar with a camera icon, “Photos” title and a message icon. A feed of photos with each photo having a user icon, a photo, a heart icon and a chat bubble”. The output was an application interface design that was similar to Instagram.

GPT-3 creating a Instagram lookalike with a single instruction

DTonomy’s AI Assistant

DTonomy AIR has a similar AI which can translate engine that convert language commands in plain text to workflows, these workflows which can later be used to take automatized actions on alerts automate security operations. For example, a command, “query asn for ip and send me an email”, now the AI will create a automated workflow doing the same (the videos can be found here). The AI can also be given to generate complex workflows which involve situation based decision making according to individual or a group (case) of alerts.

DTonomy’s AI



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